Fall Meeting 2018
RHI Board Members and Friends, it gives me great pleasure to inform you
of the fall meeting on Saturday, October 06, 2018 at 10:00 A.M. at the Hampton
Inns & Suites located at 1451 Alliant Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky 40299.
I am requesting that all board members attend this meeting, therefore I am
asking for you to govern yourselves accordingly and let’s be obedient to the
cause. Your appreciation and participation is greatly appreciated.
You are responsible for making your own reservations. You may contact
Hampton Inns should you desire at 502-809-9901, as we have several rooms set
aside, or you may choose other accommodations in the area.
Praying that this letter has found you all well and in good health and your
holidays were enjoyable.
Should you have any questions you may contact me via my home office at
513-351-5833 or mobile phone at 513-557-9807.
Kind regards,
Lucius Mentor, Sr.
RHI President